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Our Rural Houses

We have two traditionally designed Rural houses available for rent in the heart of Andalucia.
The two Village locations are ideal for family holidays around the pool. Or for groups wishing run wellness courses or just use as a base to tour popular Andalucian destinations.

Cortijo Retarta

Casa Pilar



Genal Valley Photo!

Welcome to Clarinda Parques S.L. Casa Rurales in the heart of Andalucia, Spain

We would like to welcome you to our holiday homes, set in stunning natural surroundings in the most wonderful oasis in southern Spain.

Hi, my name is Colm Corcoran!
We have been involved with Rural Accommodation is the Genal Valley, Serrinia de Ronda, Malaga, Spain since 2002, (and I only came for a holiday), We are a small family run business, offering traditional Spanish accommodation with all the modern comforts.

Our Houses are located in the Genal Valley, Serrinia de Ronda, Malaga, Spain.

We have two Rural Houses available for families or groups to rent for holidays and weekends off season. Cortijo Retarta is situated in Jubrique in the lower Genal Valley, while Casa Pilar is situated in the upper Genal Valley

Genal Valley Map!

Materials and Construction

The European, or Spanish, chestnut (Castanea sativa) is cultivated. The chestnut tree is large (height, up to 35 m; diameter, 2 m) and long-lived (500 and more years). It has a large, spreading crown and a strong, deep root system. The flowers, which are gathered into catkins, are small, unisexual or bisexual, and cross-pollinating. The fruits are nuts (length and width, 1.5– cm), with a delicate grayish brown woody pericarp. Three nuts are usually found in each involucre. The tree begins to fruit after 5–10 years. When the tree is 50 years old, it produces at least 70 kg of nuts (up to 1 ton per hectare).
Credit: The Free Dictionary

Our houses are traditional and loyal to the local architecture. We use Chestnut Timber where possible, such as the ceilings and roof beams. Chestnut has been widely used because of the availability as a horticultural crop. We have reformed sympathetically to the original buildings, but use modern materials to ensure longevity where possible.
The White Villages of Andalucia, are not so just because of aesthetics, traditionally coated with whitewash, or "Caliza, piedra de cal" which is in it's natural state, limestone, again a local resource. The limestone would have been broken down into handleable stones, and placed in a round wood burning furnace. After burning, the stones turn a brilliant white when cooled, and after immersion in water they dissolve and turn the water into whitewash. White wash is a breathable coating, and allows the stone and clay walls to breath in summer and winter, and also preventing the growth of mildews and fungus's. Nowadays the bricks are terracotta clay and the render is cement, with a PVC paint coating.
We do replicate the old look and feel where possible with soft renderings, and reform the old where possible.

The houses have been rewired and fitted out to a high standard that travelers and holidaymakers expect today.

Clarinda Parques S.L.
Valle del Genal, Serranía de Ronda, Málaga, Andalucía, España.